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South Island Trauma Talks with Amanda Wilson

After ten years of studying personal development, and almost a decade studying trauma, Amanda has uncovered some absolutely life changing discoveries on trauma recovery and finding healing from anxiety, PTSD symptoms, adverse and uncontrollable emotions, loss of identity and so much more!
For the first time ever she is going on tour around New Zealand to share her findings and help those on their own journey to overcoming their own fears and trauma memories. These talks are absolutely life changing and delve deeply into the science behind trauma, just what trauma is, how to release fears, how to get rid of emotional triggering and a huge amount more ????????
To check out a little of her work you can find her on YouTube https://youtube.com/channel/UCSO0tJMe4clr4mg7m-DWNfg and if you would like to attend one of her talks please email [email protected].


Jul 07 2022




Propel Trauma
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