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Mar 31
The horse we WANT vs the horse we NEED

Jess Land Ramblings….. Been a while since I got a yarn on and what better time than a lazy Sunday afternoon  How many times have you written a wish list of what you are shopping for in a horse and then ended up buying something that doesn’t particularly fit the brief you set out and […]

Nov 22
Let’s talk about returns

A useful article to bear in mind if you are looking at buying a horse

Nov 17
Let’s Talk about Viewings

This blog talks about viewings and some things not to do,

Jun 30
Bluestone Bang for Hoof Abscesses and Defects

Hoof abscesses are a very common cause of sudden, severe lameness in horses encountered by veterinarians and farriers. These painful and often frustrating conditions occur when bacteria invade the sensitive tissues within the hoof, leading to localized infection and subsequent inflammation.

May 18
Presenting a Horse for Sale (the do’s and don’ts).

Are you thinking of selling a horse? Here are some do's and don'ts to ensure that your horse hits the market once and hits it well.

Jan 16
Why I say no viewings in the first two weeks after a horse comes off the track.

Picture this, you have been in one job your whole life, know the routine and system and are really comfortable in that position but have never done anything else.