Category: Training

May 09
The Quiet Horse

I’ve wanted to write something about the quiet horses for a while now, it’s been on my mind a long time. Every muster I think about it and every time it kind of slips by and I never get around to writing it down. Working this horse today I knew I finally had to make time to say it.

May 08
The right way from the beginning – Showing with Amanda Berridge –

Teaching a child can be hard, particularly if you are used to training with a more technical approach. Amanda Berridge has a wealth of technical knowledge at her disposal from years of competing at the top level of showing and dressage. Still, it’s a ‘big kid’ herself that has given her the edge in training up-and-coming young riders.

Mar 05
Complete Class Prep

Walking your course and warming up for a class are the final stages after weeks, months, even years of preparation to get to a competition, and getting those elements right can make the difference between a good performance and a bad one. We sat down with show jumping rider, Rose Alfeld, to learn how she prepares for her classes with her team of horses and followed her preparation for the Grand Prix class at Equidays in October 2017.