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Aug 31
Marketplace – How to start an Auction

This video will explain how to start an Auction in the Marketplace. You will need to have set up your vendor account before you can start your first auction. This is free and you can list 5 items in our marketplace with your EquiMatch subscription. If you have any questions or you need any help […]

Aug 17
You Got Sold a Dangerous Horse….

Author: Dr Shelley Appleton Website Books & Courses Facebook Instagram Youtube You were so careful to buy the horse that came with all the assurances it was going to be a good fit for you and your family. It was quiet, it was reliable and had been there and done that and had no issues. […]

Aug 16
Home Foaling

Jo Howard If I didn’t manage to convince you with my article last month on the dangers of home foaling, then I will give you as much help as possible to ensure a safe and healthy foaling result.  My name is Jo Howard, I am an equine midwife and sport horse breeder.   I will […]