Setting up / viewing your profile

Setting up / viewing your profile

Once you have an account on EquiMatch, you will be able to go to your profile and select Buyers Profile.

The Buyers Profile allows you to select your preferences for the type of horse that you would like to view. 

By making selections here, you can do a quick filter on the Browse Horse Listing page, so you will only be shown horses that match your criteria.

Your Listings

This area allows you to view and Horse / Business listings that you have uploaded.

From this screen you can filter your listings to show All listings / Current listings / Listings under offer or sold listings. You can also filter based on your Published / Pending Approval / Expired listings.

For each listing you also have the option to:

  • Promote your listing: This will show your listing at the top of any search and in the carousel on the Home Page.
  • Edit your listing: You can edit your listing from here. However, be aware that if you change any of the information in this area, it will need to be approved by an Admin, before they listing is re-published.
  • Stats: From here you can view all the stats regarding your listing. e.g How many views it has had.
  • Delete: Here you can also delete your listing entirely. Note: If you delete your listing it will be gone forever. You do have the option to change your Horse’s listing status from Current to Under Offer to Sold under Listing Status on the Edit Screen.


When you are viewing a Horse or Business you will have the option to Bookmark it. If you select to Bookmark a Horse or Business, any that you have Bookmarked will be shown on this screen.

From this screen you can go directly to view the bookmarked listing and you can remove the Bookmark if you no longer need it.

Account Details

This page will allow you to change your password if required.


You can also logout from this screen. If you select Logout, you will see this screen. Click on Confirm and log out to be logged out.


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